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OpenZIS Participation
Join the OpenZIS Community

Join the OpenZIS community by registering with the site and then requesting an Observer role within the OpenZIS project.

Mailing Lists

To get involved with the development of OpenZIS, please join the developer's mailing list.

The first thing you should send when you join the list is to post an introduction message that tells the group:

  • Who you are
  • Your interest in OpenZIS
  • The role you would like to play in the project (e.g., do you want to just discuss ideas, write code, or be an early users?), and
  • The rough level of effort you expect to put in (e.g., mainly lurking, a few postings a week, a few evenings, several hours a week, this is part of my full-time job).

We are always looking for warm bodies to help with the development of OpenZIS. We realize that many of the technologies that we are using may be new to you. As a result, we are willing to help you get up to speed. This will take a bit of time and patience on your part because you may not be used to our style of doing things. This also means that in order to do development, we will need you to take iniative and jump in wherever you see things needing development or improvement. Do not be afraid to suggest things on the mailing list or ask specific questions.

Getting Started

The first place to start off with developing on OpenZIS is to download the CVS tree or a nightly snapshot and explore the documentation, build system and code that is there already. Build a "target" sandbox

Finding something to do

Please read through the archives of the developer mailing list to get a feeling for how we work together and the different characters working on the project. If you have questions, do not hesistate to ask.

If you are interested in choosing something to fix right away, please look at Issuezilla and find an issue you can fix or comment on. If you have a patch to fix some code, please upload it to Issuezilla as an attachment. If you have a question about one of the issues, make a comment.

If there is nothing that immediately sparks your interest, but you still want to contribute, please send email to the mailing list with suggestions for things that you would like to work on as well as what your skill set is. We would like to think of this as your project as well. If you just start contributing things as you see fit, then chances are we will accept those contributions or tell you how to do things the way that we would like to see them done.

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